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Goals of the DCC Module II - RN Delegated Task Train-the-Trainer Program


  1. To develop, pilot and implement a “Best Practice” RN Delegated Task Training Curriculum for individuals throughout the State of Wisconsin who are interested in working as personal and home care workers.
  2. To have the Curriculum reviewed and approved by a state technical college health care department.
  3. The Delegated Task Training Curriculum will be developed to include training on vital signs, mechanical lifts, catheter care, leg wraps, medication administration, complex transfers, bowel care, ostomy care, seizure precautions, simple wound care, changes in conditions, G-tube feeding, reporting emergencies, use of oxygen, routine care of prosthetic devices, exercise/ROM, blood glucose checks, respiratory treatments, analgesic rubs, hot and cold pack applications, intermittent caths, and other delegated tasks as needed.
  4. To provide RN Delegated Task Training to trainers that will qualify them to be effective trainers for direct care workers providing personal and supportive home care services to individuals who need delegated tasks in Wisconsin.
  5. To provide RN Delegated Task Training for direct care workers that is hands-on training, consumer-focused, performance and results-based and cost effective.
  6. To provide trainers with a comprehensive RN Delegated Task Training manual.
  7. To continue to work on developing web-based trainings and up-dates/ refresher courses.
  8. To develop and implement an “RN Delegated Task Training Program” by the 3rd quarter of 2015.


  • 90% of the Trainers who complete the RN Delegated Task Training Program will evaluate the training program as good to excellent.
  • 50 Trainers from all over Wisconsin will participate in training programs by the end of 2015.
  • Over 100 direct care workers will have completed the training and increased their personal care skills as either a new or incumbent worker.
  • Over 90% of workers and consumers express satisfaction with the training program.