WPSA was established in 1990, and is the longest standing professional organization for personal care providers. Throughout the years, WPSA has grown and developed into a voice for not only personal care agencies and consumers, but for long term care across the state. 

WPSA is a member of the PublicHealth Membership. PublicHealth Membership is as diverse as public health and includes nurses, environmental health specialists, health educators, physicians, allied health professionals, preventive medicine specialists, laboratorians, alternative health care providers, social workers, academicians, policymakers, interested citizens and students.

10 Great Reasons to be a WPSA Member:


As a member, you will have many opportunities to network with public health professionals in our region, building your contacts, sharing ideas, best practices and solutions to enhance your current job, find opportunities for career enhancement, and much more! Networking events range from Annual Conferences to regional meetings. 


As a member, you will receive a significant discount on WPSA's conferences. These conferences provide quality education, networking opportunities with public health professionals, up-to-date information on current issues, informational an informative speakers in a relaxed setting. You will be able to contribute to the content to help plan and develop conferences to help ensure the conferences are providing the most pertinent information to help enhance your professional development. Conferences are typically held at central locations, and are held virtually during public health emergencies.


As a member, you will be kept abreast of long term care and personal care issues in real time via e-mail alerts as well as memos and updates under the EXCLUSIVE Members Portal on the webpage. You will be in touch with each other and current and emerging issues relevant to public health. You remain informed about public health in our region in a way that saves you time. 


As a member, you will receive up-to-date information on all issues impacting the personal care and long term care profession, including DHS 105 & DHS 107 regulation updates, legislation and state budget issues. You will also receive discounted pricing on all WPSA provided Direct Care Competency (DCC) trainings and Lunch n' Learn sessions. 


As a member, you can contribute to the strong advocacy program centered on assuring that public health voices are being heard. WPSA retains a lobbyist and legal team to advocate for priority public health issues (to learn more about our Advocacy Team, click HERE). We also offer a Legislative Committee exclusive to members to join that prepares legislative updates/alerts, and keeps track of public health issues under consideration by the State Legislature. WPSA has led the initiative to increase the MAPC rates throughout the years, as well as many other topics. 


As a member, you will receive opportunities to learn and practice leadership and meeting management skills that can help improve your resume, professional growth, and/or self-promotion. Members receive opportunities to join the WPSA Board, WPSA Committees, and other special projects. 


As a member, you will have access to the Membership Portal that houses past memos and alerts, as well as quick link tabs to some of the most common sites and information. You will also have affiliation with your professional association and over 800 public health professionals in our region.


As a member, you will receive discounts on all WPSA conferences, WPSA DCC trainings, and WPSA Lunch n' Learns. You will also receive reduced registration rates at all PublicHealth sponsored events.


As a member, you will have the opportunity to join on WPSA committees and be heard! WPSA provides access to professionals within both the Federal Government and Wisconsin departments of government including the Department of Health Services, the Department of Workforce Development, the Governor’s Office and the Legislature, as well as valuable information from state and privately organized committees such as Home Care Advisory Committee, Association for Long Term Care Solutions, Survival Coalition, and more! WPSA has significant representation on Governor Ever's Task Force on Caregiving


As a member, you will have the opportunity to be recognized or can recognize your colleagues for their achievements in public health.  Some of our heroes work right next to us every day! You are part of a larger community.  You are empowered to get involved in issues that affect your personal and professional communities and your quality of life.

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