Direct Care Competency I (DCCI) Train the Trainer program was designed to require a demonstration and proven ability to perform required task/verification of the 11 core competencies. 

About DCCI:
    • The DCC Program has been designed for Medicaid, Family Care and Private Duty/Private Pay Personal Care Workers.
    • Available to RNs, LPNs, CNAs, or other agency staff who have experience with providing personal care skills to persons with disabilities and the elderly in the home.
    • Provides quality and retention for workers.
    • Offers a modular approach, performance and results-based.
    • Consumer-focused results.
    • Proven cost-efficiency and individualization of training.

Once course is completed, you will:

    • Leave as a Certified DCC I Trainer
    • Be able to train direct caregivers immediately and efficiently
    • Receive a DCC I certificate
    • Receive a DCC I Best Practice Assessment and Training Manual

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